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July | Member of the Month

Marcel from Aussie Mortgage Brokers is the Centenary Chamber of Commerce member for the month of July! Read on below for more...

We asked Marcel a few questions about his business, so you could get to know more about it!

What is your business about?

We’re all about helping people get into the house of their dreams by providing expert advice & brokering the best possible deal for our customers by matching their needs with the right bank to fit their profile. We help first home buyers, Single Parents, families by saving lots of money on refinancing their loan or finding the best deal when buying a house. We also help people reach financial freedom through finding finance for property investments.

What are your business' core values and vision?

We put our customers first & really take the time to understand their needs/requirements. We aim to be the very best mortgage broking company in Australia.

What are your business goals?

To be recognised throughout the community as a great company to work with in helping people with their property goals & make it a great experience.

What do our customers love most about your service ?

The fact that we really know how to look after our customers over an extended period. Aussie run a program to check all our customer details every 12 months to make sure their loan still works for them & if there is an opportunity to save money or re-price we let our customers know, rather than let their loan suitability drift over time.

A lot of companies out there will talk a lot about being a high performing team, but it’s fantastic to be a part of a high performing team, get results for our customers and see recognition in national awards.

Why do you do what you do ?

Everyone in our team does this to make a service that puts a smile on people’s faces. We’ve had some great customer stories where people have been rejected by banks & come to us where we’ve found a method to get their loan approved & able to get into a house.

What are some client success stories?

I met a lady who was very recently divorced & came to Brisbane from Melbourne with one of her children, she was convinced it would take years to get into a house. She wasn’t aware of a Government scheme that we could put her with that gave her just enough help to qualify for a loan and she said “OMG ! I can actually start putting my life together again”.

Another family with 4 children was rejected for a loan from their bank 3 days before finance approval, they came to us in a panic because they were at risk of losing the contract for the house they desperately wanted. Our team worked overnight to create a new application with a Lender who would approve their loan & did it in time to meet the finance clause on their contract, so they are now living in their dream house. It’s examples like this that make us do what we do.

What is your community involvement?

We love getting involved with the local community, we sponsor the St. Catherine’s United Under 8 football team, we’ve gone to Centenary High School to run presentations on financial literacy and the home loan process, we’ve sponsored a coffee van at St. Francis Xavier Primary School sports carnival that gave away a free slushee to each child at the school, held free movie nights at the Jindalee DFO cinema, raised money for the Black Dog Institute at the recent Stadium Stomp and looking to do more for/with the community into the future.

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